Our Wines

The typology of our wines is as follows: the management of a set of vines as diverse and very uneven crops, means that our first wine is a young wine, aged in oak vats, Emilio Valerio, intended as a expression of all of our land: it expresses the harvest from the same, occur only as a set of wine or farm payment. Our productions are very limited, because they are very low production vineyards and because we can not grow on vines of that age: the set does not exceed 50,000 bottles and we can never exceed 75,000. Sheets,produced by Olivier Riviere


It is the representative of the vintage wine, a wine that is to be very fruity, easy drinking but with good complexity and presence in the mouth. Read more


Amburza is the name of the farm are a vineyard of about 20 years old, Cabernet Sauvignon (from 2010 have been reattached in part Graciano, Tempranillo and Garnacha), with a clay soil with limestone. Read more


Is the wine from the vineyards located in El Palomar and in the immediate valley Argonga, is composed exclusively of native grape varieties, Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano. Read more

LEORIN Sta. María de Leorin

It is a wine of terroir which is the Viña el Picacho, situated in the valley or ravine unto the hermitage of Santa María de Leorin. Read more


The second wine of terroir, is up to the vineyards of Santa María de Uncizu, Wood Vineyard, located in San Martin Read more


Malvasia white wine, the vineyard is planted in the hamlet of Palomar. Read more


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