San Martín

The vineyard in San Martin: San Martin is a vineyard of a people abandoned in the middle ages. Since 1435, only persisted vineyards, and the stone walls that surround the site. , Is the coldest valley Montejurra, the steep slope and erosion, has led to a very rocky terrain, very poor, in need of fertilization and livestock for their survival, and rockier, the gradient has become very poor land, which continually need of livestock, and cultivation in terraces, cooler and cold, The vineyards of the peak, wood, face, Felix, and miraculously survived the general abandonment of the entire valley. Grapes of 70 years of grenache, tempranillo in which its very strong personality determines the two very different wines from the southeast and the northwest side, where only 300 meters separate vineyards maintains a difference in harvest of 30 days. They result in wines of payment: San Martin de Leorin and Santa Maria de Uncizu

Argonga y El Palomar

Another historic areas of the vineyard since at least the twelfth century, a small south facing plateau with outcrops of sandstone and limestone greater prevalence of all our payments are wines over silica limestone, which - as in all our wines - organic and biodynamic treatment gives them an enormously rich aromatic spectrum. Here, notes of rosemary, lemon balm, herbs, of jinebro, blackberries. Results in wines and Merced Usuaran


They are the highest in the land Montejurra. Unlike the rest of the payments is the character is more dominant than Mediterranean Atlantic: Oak floristic domain, rainfall well above the other, results in wines of border or boundary, with a mixture of Atlantic and Mediterranean notes, especially Silky and elegant. Results in wines Arambelza


Amburza, is no longer strictly a valley but the last highlight geological Montejurra south. A long - 3 for 1 km in length - Hill outcrops of sandstone and limestone, with less rainfall than before, and context of grassland in the Basque language name is a field of bulbs, and is the natural habitat of roses orchids, ajomilos. Here the wines take on a few notes of minerals, silica, ground smooth, with floral notes of violets, fennel, rosemary. Results in Amburza wines


In the valleys to the west of Montejurra, with lower and more sheltered slopes are virtually entirely planted with olive trees in a landscape reminiscent of the South Region.

San Miguel de Ecoyen

Surrounding the hill where he was the former monastery, the olive groves of San Miguel, the Celadilla of Leorin with seniority dating back to the Middle Ages


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