Our Vineyards and Montejurra

Our Vineyards includes a set of approximately 25 ha of vineyards, olive groves and 15 hectares distributed over a set of some 15 small vineyards on the slopes of Montejurra in the Land of Estella in Navarre. Our vineyards and olive trees sit on the slopes of Montejurra, a limestone massif of 1,000 meters, continuity of Sonsierra called Rioja and gathers his own geological characteristics - generally poor soil with sandstone and limestone rocks and different state of disintegration. Climatologically Sonsierra northernmost in some of its slopes and heights, there is a much more Atlantic than Mediterranean, and also soil and soil solid feature a unique set of valleys oriented north southbound give you a greater variety and complexity Rainfall in a limited area of just 10 kms variations of rainfall from 200 to 1000 and also variations in height are from 400 to 1000. Domain flora of the oak, the oak, the rose, rock rose, the jinebro.

Benedictine agriculture

With the exception of Arambelza Amburza and coming from cracks in the fifteenth and sixteenth century, the remaining pagos Palomar San Martín and are created by the Benedictine monastery of San Pedro de Gazaga around 1000, when the order defines the areas more optimal because of its proximity and its characteristics for growing grapes. And planted the pagos current San Martin and El Palomar Somewhat later, the Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem - the Knights Templar, intensified the cultivation of olive trees, from the Monastery - Benedictine immediately - San Miguel de Ecoyen. It is very likely that the peak of it were those vineyards between 1300 to 1500, starting then a long forgotten by the decline of orders and the increased momentum in more productive areas. While still at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1912 continued taking the best results Dicastillo wines.


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