In the Field

We aim to combine an obligation to excellence agriculture, little interventional get the best results in the line of biodynamic philosophy, which deepened continuously for over fifteen years. Our philosophy of culture is: An agriculture study and observation, our vineyards, for its antiquity, its sites are very fragile, it is not easy to preserve the terroir without a sustained effort on the ecosystem observation and historical study, soil, on the same and a continuous reformulation of our farming techniques. An integrated agriculture and livestock, we need traditional livestock for vegetation management for natural fertilization and the supply of compost-energized the biodynamic way - to ensure the survival history of our vineyard. Also understand that a farm must be composed of vineyards, olive groves, fields of corn, a natural succession. Respect for terroir and tradition: The maintenance of our genetic diversity, caring for the genetic heritage of our vineyards and olive plantations preserving new nasal selection criteria, maintaining the hedges and biodiversity, vegetation cover and forms traditional planting density glass and cans. Traditional agriculture, crafts and poorly mechanized, manual harvest. Of course they are prescribed for fifteen years the use of any pesticide or herbicide, using homeopathy to herbal teas and biodynamic treatments.


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